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New Smyrna Beach Kayak & SUP Rentals

Chart your own course and paddle along the waterways!

Paddle Along the Coast

New Smyrna Beach is an oasis for beach lovers, offering 17 miles of white sandy shoreline that beckons you to swim, play, and enjoy the sun. This is more than you can explore on a long walk on the beach, but not to worry — with a water sports rental, you can paddle along the coast and uncover the hidden adventures that await you.

Take a look at our kayak and SUP rentals and pick the perfect vessel for your day on the beach!


Paddle at Your Own Pace

Paddle sports are the perfect way to immerse yourself in nature and come face to face with the local wildlife without disturbing their habitat. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back paddle or a thrilling adventure, your canoe, kayak, or paddle board rental will take you where you want to go. Take in all the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean as you spot birds, dolphins, turtles, and more in the many scenic waterways of New Smyrna Beach.

It’s easy to learn how to paddle, which makes it the perfect activity for anyone, whether you’re traveling solo, with family, or a group of adventurous friends. Test your balance on a paddle board or sit back and enjoy on a kayak or canoe! Stay close to the shore or venture further out to enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness. There’s no wrong way to spend your day on the water!

Chart your own course and explore New Smyrna Beach at your own pace! Browse our kayak, SUP, and canoe rentals and book online today.

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