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Sarasota Ghost Tours

Uncover Sarasota’s Dark Side

Mystery, Murder, and Intrigue

The Gator Club, Manatee Performing Arts Center, Chart House, and Rosemary Cemetery are just a few of Sarasota’s purportedly haunted locales. In fact, some of Sarasota’s founding fathers like Owen Burns, were laid to rest in the 100-year-old graveyard, as well as a murdered woman and her three children. The local art college has ghosts of its own: students have long felt the presence of a spirit in the Keating building.

Gruesome murders, Prohibition-era stories and more recent crimes are some of the haunted tales you’ll hear on a Sarasota ghost tour. But rest assured, the city is home to more benevolent spirits as well. As you walk the streets of the Downtown Sarasota Theater District, the past comes to life through the narration of your local guide, who has so many tales to share. Keep your camera at the ready to see if you can capture any signs of paranormal activity on your screen.

Book a Sarasota ghost tour…if you dare.

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